The world in our hands

The End Hunger In Africa(EHAF) Foundation is a humanitarian,non-profit, Non Governmental and charity organization that is based in The Hague, Netherlands. Established in March 2007, the Foundation is charged with the responsibility of eliminating hunger in Africa through various procedures.

According to the United Nations report, it has been estimated that more than 30 million people face starvation in the world.It is these statiistics that motivated EHAF to emabrk on variuos hunger projects in and around The African Continent .Hunger is not just the rumbling in one's stomach that most of us fill if we have not eaten for a few hours.However,hunger is seen as a condition resulting from chronic under consumption of food and or nutritious food products.

In Africa ,there were fifity eight million more poor people in 1999 than in 1990 (FAO,2002).We must also take into account that hunger is also a cause of poverty.By being in such poor health condition ,such as low level of energy,and even mental harm, hunger could lead to even greater poverty.

With the advent of the current global economic crisis,the situation becomes more alarming and critical,and EHAF is ready to face these challenges headlong!!


Visualizing a developing soceity where people are well fed,healthy,pollution free and empowered"


Every child needs food, water and a house to live in